Monthly Archives: May 2012

HTTP status codes in REST – best practices

RESTful services are traditionally built over HTTP. The protocol communicates the status of the request by means of HTTP status codes. For a list of status codes – click here It is difficult to implement all of the status codes in the application but more importantly, it is insane to expose all of these to […]

Grails & Quartz – periodic job execution in Grails 2.0.x

There are times during web application development, where we would like to build a cron-based trigger to accomplish some background tasks. These could be – greedy cache fetchers, process to ftp files periodically, temporary database table cleaners, spawn bots to bring down the internet etc… In Grails , there are 2 ways of doing it […]

Asynchronous job triggering in Grails 2.0.x

There are times during application development where we need to accept request to do some data processing which is going to take a long time. This cannot be completely implemented in the traditional request/response paradigm. The idea is to use the traditional REST endpoints and accept the request, delegate it to a processing engine, and […]

JAX-RS Jersey integration with Spring MVC

Overview: The application currently uses the Spring MVC framework to render UI (HTML/JS) and manage restful endpoints(JSON payload). Simple enough in Spring MVC. However, when I had to document it, I ran into a problem: As much as I hate WADL, there isn’t a standard way to document RESTful interfaces. Since Spring MVC isn’t compliant […]